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Let’s Stand Together and Create a Better Future for Refugees

By gofundcause

The number of people displaced by war, conflict or persecution reached a record high of...
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The number of people displaced by war, conflict or persecution reached a record high of nearly 65 million around the world in 2017, a UN report says. Around 65 million of people are forced to leave their home and look for a place where they can stay and be safe. The sad fact is that more than half of these refugees are children. This people don’t leave their home by choice, but they are forced to leave and to find a better place. According to the United Nations Refugee Agency, 34,000 people every day or about 24 people per minute are forced to flee their homes due to conflict and violence. This refugees are part of the global community and they need our help.

Many refugees are becoming victims of human tracking and smuggling and risking their lives travelling on dangerous trucks, trains and boats to seek safety in neighbouring countries. As a result, refugee camps are becoming more overcrowded and finding it hard to meet the needs of refugees. Aside from this, refugee camps also don’t have the space and the facilities needed to give children a safe place to play and learn.
GoFundCause aims to bring supporters around the world together to help refugees and families displaced from their homes live a better life. We understand that no single group can deal with this crisis alone, but we can help create a better future for everyone by working together. We provide interested individuals with a chance to collectively act and take action to address the needs of refugees and prepare for the challenges they will face in the next months and years ahead.

We implement a broad due diligence process to distribute funds properly. We first conduct extensive research to determine the needs, both mid-term and long-term, of refugees. This includes having discussions with our advisory council, donors and various service providers. A team composed of subject matter and field experts reviews the needs of refugees and determines where and how to allocate the funds.
How You Can Help
Donate to GoFundCause’s Global Refugees Fund and support our full range of refugee support and rescue work. Our campaign supports displaced civilians and their families. There are various ways to give your support to our cause. You can donate any amount and expect it to be added to our funds, which will be used to provide assistance to refugees from around the world.

You can also spread the word about our cause. Tell your family and friends or share it on social media. The funds will support relief efforts and life-saving assistance for individuals and families displaced by conflict in their countries. Your support will help victims and survivors get relief supplies such as water, hygiene kits and food. The funds will also be used to give job training and educational supplies as well as build water systems to provide long-term support to these individuals.
Through these efforts, we can help refugees lead positive, productive and safe lives. We will keep you updated about how funds are used for your peace of mind. GoFundCause will continue to raise funds to deal with the challenges and needs presented by the worldwide refugee crisis.

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    Great work!

  2. Great Campaign you’re running here, hope everyone contributes so you can reach your goals!

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